Richardus Cochlearius

Learn the Art of Partimento with the effective Method!

Many people who start studying composition with partimenti get stuck, scared, and lost…

Too much material, too much knowledge, and lots and lots and lots of confusion.

It’s normal: when too much information reaches your brain, the amygdala activates and starts sending signals to activate the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, and here you are experiencing the reaction, freeze, and then flight or fight.

Giving up learning partimenti and composition for a chemical reaction it’s a real shame!


On the other hand, it is precisely because you have begun this journey through partimenti that demonstrates how much you really care about this, beyond the fact that things have not gone for the best.

In these cases, a difficult problem, an insurmountable mountain, can become a path to travel, a goal to reach, a journey to be enjoyed.

So, being accompanied, guided and supported on this journey through partimenti and composition could be what you are looking for, beyond what you need.

Since I started sharing here on the internet many strategies, secrets and techniques for effectively realizing partimenti, I have had the opportunity to help so many people realize their desire to learn composition with the historical partimento method.

And you could be one of the next to make your wish come true – you just have to choose to start.

Then, if you decide to let me guide you, I will be happy to accompany you step by step and stay close to you in this fascinating journey.

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The access to the lessons is guaranteed for life, in fact you will can re-watch at them even after we have completed our course together and after we have achieved your goal!


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Unlimited access to my digital music book library (over 50GB), which means you’ll always have all the books, handouts, sheet music you need, and you won’t need to buy anything new!

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with extra video calls WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger, outside class hours, which means that you can contact me for all your doubts and clarifications and I will always be ready to answer you!

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