Richardus Cochlearius

"Art of the Fugue" Package

The “Art of the Fugue” solution is for those who want to study seriously, with commitment, reaching their goals with determination.
At a very advantageous price it offers many services, including the possibility of sharing your works on my YouTube channel!

297,00  / Month

30% off on your first Month!

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What's included?

βœ… 5 lessons per month πŸ“…
5 Lessons of 90 minutes per month face to face, with Zoom, Google meet or other meeting platforms you prefer!

βœ… Email Support πŸ“§
you will receive a private email where you can write me your questions and send me your exercises whenever you want.
That means that if you have any doubts or problems with your homework, you can send me an e-mail whenever you want!

βœ… Your time is precious! ⏲
All lessons will be recorded and reloaded on a platform where only you can have access!*
You can re-watch each lesson whenever you want, which means that we will not waste time during the face-to-face lessons, and therefore, you will save money because in each lesson will go more and more straight to your goal!

*Β  The access to the lessons is guaranteed for life, in fact you will can re-watch at them even after we have completed our course together and after we have achieved your goal!


βœ… Digital music library πŸ“š
Unlimited access to my digital music book library (over 50GB), which means you’ll always have all the books, handouts, sheet music you need, and you won’t need to buy anything new!

βœ… Extra support πŸš€
with extra video calls WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger, outside class hours, which means that you can contact me for all your doubts and clarifications and I will always be ready to answer you!

βœ… EXTRA Bonus Service πŸ“Ή
Collaborate with my YouTube channel, we show and describe your work, your progress to the whole world!
Thanks to this BONUS service you can make yourself known by many other people!