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Fa Mi & Mi Fa es Tota Musica – Solmisation Super Course ENG


✅ An entire video course fully recorded.
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✅ 130 Pages of PDF Cards for each lesson: Summaries, Questions, Answers, Exercises, Solutions.

✅ Over 100 Solmisation exercises.

✅ Learn Solmisation in less than a month!
Save time and a lot of money than any kind of universisy or musical academy!

✅ Easily consult each video when it’s singing or playing a part and you run into a problem!

✅ The easy, fun and no complex terms method makes this course not only historically informed, but also enjoyable, smooth and suitable even for beginners.

✅ You not only learn the Solmisation, but above all the method used by the ancient masters, which means that you too can feel like one of them!

✅ Become a Solmisation master yourself. Thanks to what you will learn in with this course, you will be able to teach Solmisation to other musicians!

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🚀One hour personal video call

🚀 Email Lifetime Support [LIFE TIME BONUS]

🚀 Access to the Facebook Group and Discord channel “Solmisation Club” [LIFE TIME BONUS]

🚀 Final online exam after which I will send you the Solmisation certificate!

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